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Art History Major Requirements Ideas

Art History Major Requirements. 48 elective credits in art history, including. 95 rows art history major requirements.

art history major requirements
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A minimum of 12 courses: Ahis 101, 102, and ahis 301;

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All students in the major are required to take either ha100 or ha101. Any three of the following six courses:

Art History Major Requirements

Arth 101, arth 102, arth 103, arth 104, arth 105 and arth 106.At least 3 credits, art of africa, asia, and/or latin america and/or the art
of native americans, aboriginal australians, and/or pacific islanders.At least 3 credits, art of the ancient mediterranean basin and/or ancient near east and/or the art of europe and/or the united states.Bc1001 (fall) and bc1002 (spring) introduction to art history.

Emphasis in architectural history follows the same requirements as for the art history major, applying at least six of the following courses to their respective required areas or as electives:For further degree requirements, please see our ba/bsc requirements page.For further degree requirements, please see our ba/bsc requirements page.Most graduate schools require a reading knowledge of french, german, or italian.

One course in art history concerned with a period post 1800.One course in art history concerned with a period prior to 1800.Plus six further courses in art history.Prerequisites include a high school diploma, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and personal statement showing a strong appreciation and aptitude for art.

Required course to be taken in the spring semester of the junior or senior yearRequirements major in art history.Students should take ha100 or ha101 early in their work in the major.Students who plan to undertake graduate work should acquire a reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages in which major contributions to the history of art have been made.

The art history major requires 12 courses.The art history major requires a minimum of nine courses:The art history major requires ten courses, including one course in studio art.The major in art history consists of 30 credits in the.

These courses, offered in fall and spring semesters, focus on historiography and theoretical/philosophical models in the history of art, on practical methods of art historical inquiry, or a combination thereof.To sign up as an art history major you must come into the art history department, meet with the director of undergraduate studies, and fill out our departmental paperwork.Two courses from the following:We sponsor study abroad programs and partner with local historical organizations and public history projects, where you can participate in preservation and get valuable.

We will then set up a file for you and designate you as an art history major.

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